I am the split ends of a loose thread, gradually picked at to unravel, unwind, untwist


let us be free they chanted- rampant caterpillars, wiggling lines of blue and red beneath my skin.

Curtain Call

Blackout. The pitter-patter of actors is overridden by an applause well-deserved, but not demanded.

snow angel

**Trigger Warning: Suicide** I was brought here without a choice- so was everyone else. Fixed around my neck, an umbilical cord. I stumbled down a path where I could not choose for myself-

bad and better

do you ever feel as though you’re “getting bad” again? you do things you say you wouldn’t you think about things you shouldn’t and you restrict yourself to what you “couldn’t”


Anger is gorgeous. Bared teeth with a wild snarl. Smiling eyes with slits sharp as knives.


dear me, where did you go? I miss her, please come back. I can’t recognize the person I see in the mirror anymore- unfamiliarity turned scary.


I feel as though I am being burned alive- melting, dripping, screaming. My mother warned that I’d lose myself but here I am playing with fire


He taught me that there are infinite possibilities rather than infinite uncertainties. — hopeful thank you, mahal ko (my love) Featured Image

Feel it All

There is a tightness in my chest that seems to never go away and here I am writing again because words don’t flow out of my mouth